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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege August Major: Every Thing We Know Until Now



Natus-Vincere has actually come to be the 4th and final group in Europe to secure an invitation to the Six Major in Mexico following an 8-4 loss to Team Vitality -- their only rivals for the spot against Team Secret.

With a fourth-place finish at the end of the 2020 EUL Season and a first-place finishing in Stage 1 in 2021, Na'Vi will be eager to show their skills internationally after missing out on the 2021 Six Invitational. It is important to be aware of Beastcoast vs. TSM Upset in Rainbow Sixs.

They are attending the event with the European teams from G2 Esports, Team Empire and Team BDS leaving just four teams from the 16 remaining to be decided, with two each from NA and APAC.

August will see the end of Stage 2.

Six Major tournaments will be held for the first time since May 2020's introduction of the new format. Mexico will host 16 teams in order to fight for the title and be the first Six Major champion since 2019.

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Revealed, Fall Release Date Release Date

In this game, players have to band together in order to defeat the hordes of enemies who are trying to hinder you from fulfilling your task. In this case you'll need to go deep into the bowels of danger in order to extract (see the way we went about it) an operator who is missing. It's not an easy feat, however, and it's up to players to cooperate to overcome the various types of enemy to locate the MIA operative in action. For knowing Beastcoast vs. TSM upset in Rainbow Six, visit right now.


Twelve teams are currently locked in for the 2021 Aug Six Major, with four more to be determined over week.

Here are all the confirmed teams as well as a breakdown of where the remaining teams are from: North America, Europe and Latin America.




That video game tournament is expected to see DWG KIA, Fnatic, and FAV gaming from APAC North, Elevate, Qconfirm as well as Invictus Gaming from APAC South, and KIRA and MercenarieZ from South Asia.

Location and Timetable


The Major will be held in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Because of safety concerns It is not open to the public, as was the case with the Six Invitational 2021.


As for the dates the video game tournament will be held between 16th and 22nd of August. This makes it a seven-day event.

Four rounds of double round-robins will take place then a playoff stage with one elimination starting Friday.

This would mean that the grand final without a lower bracket will not have any map advantage for either team and it will be an identical Best-of-5 (Bo5) game.

The Prize Pool and the SI Points Allocation

The prize pool for the Major will be the equivalent of $500,000. Apart from that, Six Invitational (SI) Points will be on offer to all 16 teams.

Beastcoast upsets TSM during NAL game

TSM was beaten 7-3 by beastcoast in the final of one game in Rainbow Six Siege's revamped NAL.

It didn't come easy for the beastcoast team, as they were forced to hold on to several close rounds and have numerous close calls along the way. Charlie "rooty" Tran and Joseph "Phozzo" Eisenmann had exceptional individual games.

TSM are the 2020 NAL Finals Champions and are the consensus favorite heading into the 2021 Six Invitational. This tournament was moved to May. TSM are one of the most revered teams in the world. North American homers also believe they are the best in the world. Beastcoast On contrary are just entering the NAL from NACL, the second tier of R6.

This could signal the beginning of a "changing of the guard," it's still too early in the NAL to know if anyone will be able to compete with the best teams in the long run. TSM are still an excellent team with top talent, although they made several uncharacteristic mistakes.

Beastcoast will head into a bye, and TSM will need to adjust and reconfigure their team to prepare for a marquee matchup with XSET on March 31.

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